Feb 022014
nancy prager



Let’s give a big welcome to my friend, Bag on Your Head.  She is a 40ish year old woman who has been dating a 40ish year old man for the past 8 weeks.  Things started to go, uhm, soft after their third date and she needs help.  Obviously her first choice was to ask all of datingnancyp’s friends for their advice.   Your help is needed!


Jul 202013

So my friend took 2 “candid” shots at work yesterday and I am deciding which, if either to put on my multiple online dating profiles. So far there is a heavy preference for “B” (me peering over the partition) though someone liked my smile in “A”…Any opinions?



Jul 032013

A lot happens for me via text.
Random texts from men.
Breakups via text.
And now I am a twitter maniac – princesdbossy.

Jun 282013


Meet Jorge.

So my friend at work suggested I try Tinder – this is a dating app for my phone. Basically a photo pops up and if you slide it to the left then a “Nope” gets stamped on it and you never see that guy again. If you slide it to the right, it gets stamped “Liked.” If you “like” each other than the option to chat appears.

I uploaded my standard 4-5 picts (the same ones on all dating sites). Otherwise it just says my name & age.

It has been neat to see the caliber of men who like me when I like them just based on looks. I am actually chatting with one guy right now…I have no idea how tall he is, what he does, nothing – just that he looks pretty cute.

Then there are guys like Jorge. I don’t know what possesses people to pose in that way but I am completely loving it! I immediately re-posted Jorge’s pict on Facebook & Twitter (princesdbossy). I couldn’t stop laughing. My niece sent me a pict of her friend in the same pose on a bale of hay. I asked her if it was a joke. She said no.

That led me to many questions…Does that pose work? Is Jorge getting a bagillion dates? Should I reconsider my picts? I am all for an experiment so if anyone wants to take a picture of me rolling in hay or reclining on the hood of my honda civic or any other suggestions I am all for it. I might have to incorporate some 80s giant hair. Could this be the look that gets me my man??

Jun 222013

This was truly unexpected and a deal breaker.

Jun 042013

Sometimes I have to try new things to discover that they aren’t for me….in theory this should have worked but in application it just felt wrong and I kept getting the same guy as traditional dating.